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Price: $160.00

Videos of the Fourth Day of the Seminar on Mesopotamian and Ancient Astrology in Varna during 6-10 August, 2014.
Paper materials or PDFs are also sent with this package.
In English.

Varna, 2014 August 06-10

DAY  4  (09 August, 2014):    6 hours : 28 min.

VIDEO 1:  1h.:26m. 
The underlying Principle of the Dodekatemoria.  How to make ‘the hidden chart’ according to Ancient Astrology?
The basis of the Arabic Parts.  What is their real underlying Principle.
The Primary Directions.  The four Main Time-Measures.  Fast and Slow Primary Directions.
Placidean-Ptolemaic, Regiomontanian, Placidian Under-The-Pole Directions.
The Diurnal Circle of a Planet.  How to calculate it.

VIDEO 2:  0h.:22m. 
The Primary Directions of Hermes.
The most important Primary Directions.
Jupiter in Directions:  his effects.
The Mundo Parallels and Rapt Parallels.
Regiomontanian Primary Directions.
How to Rectify a Chart with Primary Directions.

VIDEO 3:  1h.:29m. 
The Primary Directions of Hermes along the Rising and the Setting.
How to draw a Chart in Two Dimensions.
The Ascensional Difference:  the meaning and the calculation.
How to do Primary Directions in the Chart of a City, Dynasty and Country: from an Arabic astrological text from the 12th century.
The Mundo Parallels and Rapt Parallels.
Zodiacal Directions.
Directions of a Planet to the Cusps of the Mundo-Houses.
How to Interpretat a Primary Directions.
Tne Anareta.
The Zodiacal Primary Directions of Argolus-Bianchini.
The Topocentric directions.


VIDEO 4:  0h.:6m. 

Placidian Under-The-Pole Directions.

VIDEO 5:  0h.:13m. 

Lucid, Dark, Shady and Empty Degrees according to Hermes, Abu Mashar and Alcabitius.  Meaning

VIDEO 6:  1h.:26m. 

Lucid, Dark, Shady and Empty Degrees according to Hermes, Abu Mashar and Alcabitius.  Meaning

Monomoiria - detailed description of every single degree of the Zodiac - unknown manuscript by Mashallah.

Rising Times of the Signs and their Use in Predictive Astrology.  Valens.

The Four Lords of Time.

The Lord of the Bounds (Terms). 

The Lord of the Rays. 

The Lord of the Hour. 

The Lord of the Year.

Directions through Bounds.

Transits of Planets to Directed Bounds.

The Chaldeic Order of the Planets:  the Eight Celestial Spheres nad the Empyreum.

The Efficient Predictive System of my teacher Ivan Mavroganov.

VIDEO 7:  1h.:26m. 

The Efficient Predictive System of my teacher Ivan Mavroganov.

Solution of Exercise 1 (The Prediction of Krafft).

The Prediction of Gauricus for King Henry the Second:  How he really did it?

The Solar (Annual) Chart accorsign to Hellenistic and Babylonian Astrology.

Predictive Methods in Babylonian Astrology from the Sources.

The Pentagram of Venus in the Chart.

The spiritual meaning of the invisible planets.

The effects of the invisible planets on the destiny of the native.

What will produce invisible Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, Mars, Venus.

The Cycle of Algol.


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