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Price: $160.00

Videos of the Second Day of the Seminar on Mesopotamian and Ancient Astrology in Varna during 6-10 August, 2014.
Paper materials or PDFs are also sent with this package.
In English.


Varna, 2014 August 06-10

DAY  2  (07 August, 2014):    3 hours : 48min.

VIDEO 1:  1h.:30m. 
The heliacal rise of Mars in Egypt in 2013.  What happened?
The Calendar of Mesopotamia.  The Divinities of the months. 
Scholars in Assyriology.  Friends and enemies of spiritual Mesopotamia.
Akkutu - the Feast in the beginning of the year.  The Reinstitution of the King.
The beginning of the World. 
Gradual versus Catastrophic Historicism.  The eras in human history - the view of the pan-Babylonists.  The evidence from the Archeology.  The ‘rich’ and the ‘empty’ archeological strata. 
The Golden Age and The Dark Era.  When are they and what are their signs in the Sky?
What happens when humanity reaches the darkest of the Dark Era.
How to project the Mesopotamian Calendar (Months) on the Chart and How to judge it?
Example with the chart of Ioanna. The Story of the Exiled Greek Astrologer and Augustus the Emperor.
The Divinities of Each Day of the Babylonian Lunar Month.

VIDEO 2:  0h.:31m. 
The Divinities of the Mesopotamian Fixed Zodiac.  The Babylonian Zodiacal Image of our modern Aries - The Hired Man or The Ram?  The version of Francesca Rochberg.  Another example of misinterpretation by the mainstream Assyriology.  Where and why the modern mainstream scholars are wrong?  MUL.APIN - the list of constellations and their divinities.
Tiamat - the Dragon of the Chaos - in the Myths and in the Sky.   Which of the divinities has Tiamat as his emblem and why?
Anzu - the Thunder-Bird who stole the Tablets of Destiny.  Which of the divinities has Anzu as his emblem and why?
Why the first bounds of Cancer are under Mars.

VIDEO 3:  0h:5m. 
The Fixed Mesopotamian Zodiac. 

 VIDEO 4:  0h:39m.  
The Babylonian:  Tropical Ecliptic, Luni-Solar Year and Fixed Zodiac.  Which of them rules our hard destiny?   Which our intellect, our emotions and our body?  Which is the wors day in the Babylonian lunar month?  Which lunar day is the day when Nergal comes out of the Under-World?  


VIDEO 5:  1h.:03m. 
The Signs which see each other and the Signs which hear neach other.  What does this mean?
The Exaltations.  Their real basis.  Why the planets have their exaltations in the specific degrees?
Why the Moon is exalted in the third degree of Taurus?  Why Saturn is exalted in the 21st degree of Libra? ......   In which zodiac? 
Are the traditional exaltations of the planets valid today or not?
Which Fixed Zodiacal Image is the ‘perfect correspondence’ of the First Lunar Month.


design by Filip Filipov
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