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Price: $160.00

Videos of the First Day of the Seminar on Mesopotamian and Ancient Astrology in Varna during 6-10 August, 2014.
Paper materials or PDFs are also sent with this package.
In English.  6 hours 10 min


Varna, 2014 August 06-10

DAY  1  (06 August, 2014):    6 hours : 10 min.

VIDEO 1:  0h.:35m. 
Introduction. Origin of Astrology. 
Combust planets in Modern and Ancient Astrology - difference. 
Exercise 1: Krafft and Hitler - the prediction, details of the story.  Krafft wrote:  ‘Between the 7th and 10th of November 1939, there is a possibility of an attempt of assassination on the life of Hitler  through the use of explosive materials.’  How did Krafft made it?

VIDEO 2:  0h.:32m. 
Exercise 1:  Krafft and Hitler - continuation.
Exercise 2:  Eight Charts are presented.  Two of them belong to extremely famous people.  Who are they?   In the answers will be shown how we can distinguish very easy between famous and not-famous’ charts.
Exercise 3:  Two Charts.  One of a happily maried woman with a child.  The other of an woman without family and children.  Which is which?
Exercise 4:  Eight charts of women.  Four have children.  Four do not.  Which is which?
Exercise 5:  Four charts of men.  Two have been or still are in prison.  The other two belong to successful businessman and famous sportsman.  Which is which?
Exercise 6:  Eight charts.  Two of them belong to very rich people.  Two to poor people.  One is the chart of a medical doctor who is an occultist and astrologer interested into things spiritual.  Which charts belong to whom and why?

VIDEO 3:  1h:30m. 
Sources and Principles of Mesopotamian Astrology.  Omina.  An unpublished Greek manuscript on the meaning of invisible planets.  The pan-Babylonists and their discoveries.  The two main approaches to the World:  the Chaos and the Perfect Order.  The details.  The signs.  Example of an ominous sign which happened on my lecture about the Age of the Astrolabe.  Why the interpretation and the approach of the mainstream Assyriologists are wrong.  Example with an obvious misinterpretation of the heliacal phases of Venus by prof. David Pingree.  Another example with Otto Neugebauer and the different schemes of the vernal equinox.
The riddle of the exaltations.

VIDEO 4:  1h:32m. 
The riddle of the exaltations - continuation.  The explanation of Cyril Fagan and Why he was wrong.  The Macro and the Micro-Cosmos.  Division of each zodiacal sign in 12 dodekatemorias.  Division of the year and the day in Mesopotamia.  The Main Principle of Mesopotamian Astrology.
Origin and basis of the bounds (terms).  Why there are five bounds in each sign.
The name in Mesopotamia.  The omina culture in Mesopotamia.  Events -small and big- as signs.
Assurbanipal and the fox under his chariot - the interpration of the magicians.
The two most powerful moments in the luni-solar month:  The First Crescent and the Day when God sees God.
The Divinities of Mesopotamia.  Their Genealogy.  Their place in the sky and the time-cycles.
The Sumerian and the Akkadian versions.
The Annunakis.  What the word means.  Discussion of the hypothesis that the Mesopotamian divinities were extraterrestrials.

VIDEO 5:  0h:26m. 
The myths about Gilgamesh.  Gilgamesh and Ishtar.  Genealogy of the Mesopotamian divinities.  Why the Moon God and Ishtar are connected with Taurus?  The meaning of the days of the invisible Moon accordign to prof. Simo Parpola.  The divine pairs of god and goddess.  Ningal - the female aspect of the Moon god - and the Assyrian emperors.  The goddess Gula and her functions.
Herbs and healing art in Mesopotamia.  The Lunar Cup in the Archeological museum of Varna.

VIDEO 6:  1h:25m. 
5500 BC - The Golden Epoch.  Enmeduranki.  The Hermetic Tradition.  The real aim of the Ancient Astrologer.  The Divinities of Mesopotamia.  The myths with Nergal.  Nergal and Ereshkigal.
The four coordinate systems of the Mesopotamian Astrology and their correspondence with our archetypal, intelectual, emotional and physical World.  How the different eras in human history come about.  The time of perfect correspondence between all four coordinate systems is the time of the Golden Epoch.  The epoch of Gilgamesh.  The mystical meaning of the myth of Gilgamesh.  The death and burial of Gilgamesh.  Kugler - the scholar and his aims.
The fixed Babylonian Zodiac.  Why this is the true fixed stellar zodiac.  Firmicus on the fixed stars.
Images of Gilgamesh and Enkidu on Seals.  Scene of ‘Introduction to a Great God’ in the Seals.
The two Guardian Angels - the male and the female.  The Guardian Angels on the Seals and in the Babylonian Sources.  How to find them in the chart? 

VIDEO 7:  0h:10
The Divinities of Mesopotamia on Seals.


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