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Correspondence Course arrow Mesopotamian Astrology Course 3

Mesopotamian Astrology Course 3

Mesopotamian Astrology Course 3

Price: $360.00



Section 3


This 3rd Cycle is the most helpful for the practice from all  Cycles made so far!

First it explains all basics you need to know and then it teaches you how to evaluate a chart according to the doctrine of the third Hermes.

Step by step and on a lot of example charts the videos will teach you the details of how to judge a nativity in the light of Ancient Astrology.




Section 3


The System of the Third Hermes Reconstructed! 

As it was in circa 750 BC in Babylon!   


The reconstruction is based on Akkadian, Greek and Latin  texts and manuscripts, mostly untranslated until now.

Section 3 includes: 

I:  More than 12 hours of superb and rich Video Tutoring.   


II:   Paper materials.


III:   6 hours of Personal Tutoring trough telephone, skype or personal presence where you can ask ANY questions in direct real-time conversation.

   (also questions on primary directions, Ancient Medical Astro-Healing or other topics)

IV:  You may choose charts we can examine together.


V:  You may ask questions on how to use the computer programs for Mesopotamian Astrology (Placidus 7, Porphyrius Magus 2, Babylonia).



1. The exact degrees of exaltations.  What is their real basis and what are these degrees in our age?

Saturn according to the tradition exalts in 21 Libra, Venus in 27 Pisces....  Why exactly in these degrees and in which degrees do they exalt in our age?

2. Hays.  The five levels of Hays.  Theory and Practice.  Example charts.

3. The house system used by Hermes. Strong and weak zodiacal images according to Hermes, Valens and Nechepso.  An amazing story reveals to me which one is correct!

4. The doctrine of Hermes of the Moon.  Evaluating its influence.  The six criteria.

The correct evaluation of a conjunction between Moon and Saturn may make difference as between hell and paradise!  The same for a conjunction with Mars.  A conjunction Moon-Venus may be the sign for a divine soul, immense wealth and brilliant fame OR uncontrolled lasciviousness and myriad of problems because of this.  How to make the difference?

5.  The ancient doctrine of the Aspects.

6.  The Doryphories according to different ancient authors.

7.  Monomoiria.

8.  Day and Night images.  Tropical or Fixed?

9.  The 5 ways of Domination of a planet on a degree or section of the zodiac.  Domination by Aspect and Phase.  An obscure passage in Valens reveals the truth.

10.  The Stars of Wealth.

11.  Introduction into the Heliacal Phases.  Which planets in which h. phases are Strong and Weak.

12.  Evaluating the planets: Strong or Weak /and/ Good or Evil.

13.  Evaluating the Chart: Strong or Weak /and/ Good or Evil.

Four types (roughly) of a Chart and of a Fate:  Strong and Good, Strong and Evil, Weak and Good, Weak and Evil.  The difference.  The Events.

14.  Order of evaluation of a Chart.  Practical examples.



design by Filip Filipov
and joomlashack