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Correspondence Course arrow Mesopotamian Astrology Course of Study 2

Mesopotamian Astrology Course of Study 2

Mesopotamian Astrology Course of Study 2

Price: $360.00


Krafft warned Hitler that between the 7th and the 10th of

November 1939 there will be assassination attempt on his life.

It happened on the 8th in Munich. The bomb went off 12

minutes after Hitler left the room.

How did Krafft do it?!!

The answer is in the second cycle of the Course in

Mesopotamian Astrology!





Section 2


Also included are:

Video on untranslated text by Valens:

Appendix XIX from the David Pingree's edition of the Anthology:

Practical advises on how to erect Solar Return Chart, how to judge it and also

How to find the good and bad days, hours and months for anyone's chart.

Video on the exact description of 5 divinities behind 5 zodiacal constellations according to Gudea- Sumerian king from 2150 BC.

 The 3 celestilal signs for the beginning of the Golden Epoch and the 3 signs for the onslaught of the Era of Darkness.

Video on how to work with the Prognosis module of the program Placidus 7.0:
Examples of events and explanations on my own chart.

Video on how to pick the appropriate day and time for starting a project.

In the second session is also a Video on one extremely important, but untranslated Latin text by Hermes:
The Doctrine of Hermes on the Fixed Stars.

An Akkadian astrological text on eclipses is translated and explained for the first time in the paper materials.

Another video unveils the secrets behind the timing of the signing of the declaration of independence of the USA.




Section 2


The System of the Third Hermes Reconstructed! 

As it was in circa 750 BC in Babylon!   


The reconstruction is based on Akkadian texts, mostly untranslated until now.

Akkadian texts we will go through together.

Section 2 includes: 

I:  More than 12 hours of superb and rich Video Tutoring.   


II:   One volume (hard bind) with research materials of 200 pages! 


III:   6 hours of Personal Tutoring trough telephone, skype or personal presence where you can ask ANY questions in direct real-time conversation.

   (also questions on primary directions, Ancient Medical Astro-Healing or other topics)

IV:  You may choose charts we can examine together.


V:  You may ask questions on how to use the computer programs for Mesopotamian Astrology (Placidus 7, Porphyrius Magus 2, Babylonia).


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