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Revival of the pan-Babylonism

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'The Revival of the pan-Babylonism


pan-Babylonian Fantasies becoming reality'


The 7 chapters in the article discuss the pan-Babylonian Fantasies in light of the new 5,500 BC dating of the Babylonian Astrolabe:

1: Fantasies becoming reality   (the new 5,500 BC dating of the Bab. Astrolabe)

2: Did the Modern Assyriology falsify History

3: The Jesuit who destroyed the pan-Babylonians

4: The numbers that devastated Kugler   (the fiasco of Kugler)

5: Was Neugebauer 'the last seal of the Vatican' ?  (what does this mean)

6: The damage - assessment  (of the destruction of the pan-Babylonism)

7: For academic coolness


 Kugler F. X.  (S.J.)

   The most interesting and new thing here is the full 3-page analysis of a concrete (and very important)  topic from the research of the famous mathematician and assyriologist  Kugler F. X.  (S.J.)  on  MUL APIN


The damage done by this man to Assyriology and History cannot be overstated !

With good reason Jeremias threw the terrible truth at Kugler that he was destroying the Mesopotamian Culture !
And with good reason Weidner wrote that the damage done by Kugler was enormous and felt already by the steep decline of world research on older texts!


Was  Kugler  wrong  and  why ? 

You  will  find  the  answers  here !


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