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Details for Correspondence Course in Mesopotamian Astrology
NameCorrespondence Course in Mesopotamian Astrology

Correspondence Course in Mesopotamian Astrology

This course strives to be a complete reconstruction of the Mesopotamian
Astrology as it was practiced from 5,500 BC to 75 AD.
The main points of its blue-print are found in texts with information directly
coming from 5,500 BC (Astrolabe i.e. 3-stars-each) or 1,300 BC (MUL.APIN) or
texts as old as the Gilgamesh and the Creation epos (Enuma elish) and, of course,
Enuma Anu Enlil with earliest sources from 2300 BC (Sargon the Great omina).

The details of the attempted reconstruction are coming from the last restoration
of the Astral Revelation made by the third Hermes in around 670 BC. This system is
evident from the LBAT 1499 series of tablets and will be explained in the course.

The reconstruction is achieved by examination of original texts in Akkadian.


Section 1 includes: 
I:  7 hours of superb and rich Video Tuition (coming on a USB memory stick).    
II:   One big volume (hard bind) with 400 pages!  50 pages from own tuition materials and 350 pages selected readings for the Astrology of Mesopotamia!     
III:     One small pocket booklet with 50 pages of graphics and tables.  Condensed material  for the tuition you can take with you anywhere.  
IV:  50 more pages of additional paper materials containing my most advanced research in Mesopotamia.      
V:   5 hours of Personal Tuition trough telephone, skype or personal presence where you can ask ANY questions in direct real-time conversation.
   (also questions on primary directions, Ancient Medical Astro-Healing or other topics)
VI:  You may choose charts we can examine together.
VII:  You may ask questions on how to use the computer programs for Mesopotamian Astrology (Placidus 7, Porphyrius Magus 2, Babylonia).
Those who enroll in the course may purchase the relevant computer programs with discounts.

The cost of the first section is 200 USD + 70 USD for the cost of materials and postage.   



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