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Thursday, 27 September 2018



The Jewelry Shop ApolloVision at 




In ancient  times jewelry was a truly genuine object of intrinsic value, beauty and power; the embodiment

of a primal force or principle, it was crafted in accordance with the rules of the Cosmos, in agreement with

the Stars and designed to a specific aim!



The ancient jewelry combined in one- itself- the material, the symbol and the celestial moment of its 

purpose and meaning.

To impart on the amulet the quality of the Time, all main stages of the work are done only in special 

moments in time when the Sky embodies the same nature as the amulet.


In an untranslated work in Latin, Hermes Trismegistus describes 15 different magical talismans (amulets)-

each made with a different gemstone and connected with a specific star. 

Each designed to grant, by God's permission, different gifts and virtues. 

Melting the Gold, casting the jewelry and most important- fixing the gemstone, are done in a time when

the Star of the particular stone and the planets are in specific positions. 


Some fine Examples you can find here:


The Jewelry Shop ApolloVision at 


If you want to order from outside of the European Union, you


need to contact me directly by email, skype or telephone. 


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