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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 28 November 2011

On this 3rd of Kislim, 2011 (Nov 28 evening),


I am happy to announce




as practiced from 5 500 BC to AD 75.

Ancient Mesopotamian Astrology,   according to the tradition, is coming directly from the illumination of the first Hermes, the prophet Enoh, Lord Enmeduranki from pre-diluvial Sippar in 5 500 BC.


This course strives to be a complete reconstruction of the Mesopotamian

Astrology as it was practiced from 5 500 BC to 75 AD.

The main points of its blue-print are found in texts with information directly

coming from 5 500 BC (Astrolabe i.e. 3-stars-each) or 1 300 BC (MUL.APIN) or

texts as old as the Gilgamesh and the Creation epos (Enuma elish) and, of course,

Enuma Anu Enlil with earliest sources from 2 300 BC (Sargon the Great omina).

The details of the attempted reconstruction are coming from the last restoration

of the Astral Revelation made by the third Hermes in around 770 BC. This system is

evident from the LBAT 1499 series of tablets and will be explained in the course.

The reconstruction is achieved by examination of original texts in Akkadian.


Section 1 includes: 
I:  12 hours of superb and rich Video Lectures.     
II:   One big volume (hard bind) with 400 pages.
     50 pages from own tuition materials and 350 pages selected readings for the Astrology of Mesopotamia.   
III:     One small pocket booklet with 50 pages of graphics and tables.  Condensed material  you can take with you anywhere.  
IV:  50 more pages of additional paper materials containing my most advanced research in Mesopotamia.      
V:   6 hours of Personal Tutoring trough telephone, skype or personal presence where you can ask ANY questions in direct real-time conversation.
   (also questions on primary directions, Ancient Medical Astro-Healing or other topics)
VI:  You may choose charts we can examine together.
VII:  You may ask questions on how to use the computer programs for Mesopotamian Astrology
(Placidus 7, Porphyrius Magus 2, Babylonia).

The cost of the first section is 300 USD + 70 USD for the cost of materials and postage.   

Download description of the  course in Mesopotamian Astrology



Section I  includes: 

12 hours of superb quality rich Video Lectures and Tutoring



In Section I:

Video 2
WHY is the Moon exalted in the 3rd degree of Taurus.

Is this the Tropical Taurus or Is this the Sidereal Taurus?


Video 6

Did the Mesopotamians knew about the Precession?
When did the Third HERMES construct his system?
Is Otto Neugebauer  correct on Mesopotamian Astronomy?

Video 7
WHY GILGAMESH & ENKIDU  'made offerings and prayed for a dream' every 45 days of their journey?

Video 8

Why Gilgamesh is 2/3rd  Divine and 1/3rd  Human?

Video 9
Where is the beginning of the fixed Babylonian Zodiac and WHY?
Did the Mesopotamians have a fixed sidereal Ecliptic or Did they have a tropical one.


Video  10
Where in the sky are the four archangels and HOW do they shape the destiny of the World?

Who is the archangel of the Last Judgement and Where was he at the time of Hitler?

When does the 'Age of the USA' start and When does it finish and WHY?


Video 12
When and Where are the origins of the Kabbalah.

Where in the cuneiform texts are the 72 Names of God.

Where in the Sky are these 72 Names.

HOW and WHEN do they rule the World and in what order.
Is the Tropical System the correct one or  Is this the Sidereal.




In Section II:


What was the Celestial Sign of the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks on NY and the Pentagon.

Learn that this same celestial sign occurred, for the last time, also in the year of Pearl Harbour.

How could KARL ERNST KRAFFT predict with such amazing details the assassination attempt on Hitler on November 8, 1939.

When did the king-saint Gudea start building the Temple of Ningirsu - the winged Lion flying over  Wall of Deluge Waters.

Who is NIN GIR.SU?

Under What name do we know him in our culture?


The basics of the Mesopotamian Astral Divination of the Year and of the Months - technical how-to-manual-video.

Why Hitler invaded Russia on the day of the solstice and who was he following.

Who were both of them mis-following?

How to know the secret 'agenda' , beliefs and 'commanding sources' of contemporary ( living at present ) and historical personages by their 'calendaric behaviour' and 'calendaric timing' of their actions.

Which calendar is Obama following and why.

Learn how Obama is timing his actions and what does this mean.

The 3 signs of the Begin of the Golden Epoch on the Sky.

The sign of the Begin of the Golden Epoch in the Astrolabe.

The sign of the Begin of the Golden Epoch with Sirius and the heliacal rise of the Celestial Bull in the spring.

Where are we now.


The Bull as one of the 'holy trinity' of the Early Danubian Culture - Sun-Moon-Bull.

Sign and symbol of Who was the Bull in Sumerian Mesopotamia and why.  The sources.

The great epochs of 2160 years of Cataclisms and where are we now.

Who is the Mesopotamian Guardian of the Tree of Life.

What is his name in our culture.

What are his functions and where is he in the sky.

The true basis of the Exaltations of the Planets.

The true basis of the Houses of the Planets.

The origin of Via Combusta.


What are the Terms and what is their basis.

Are they to be reckoned in the tropical or the sidereal zodiac.

Which term of which sign is the 'Term of the Satan.'

What was in the 'Term of the Satan' in the chart of the latest anti-Christ.


The Fixed Stars. 
Nature and power of the stars - how to estimate.
The 30 stars interpreted by Hermes.
The 6 ways of projection of a star onto the ecliptic.
The meaning of the celestial images nad their bodily parts.
The 5 (7) most important points in a chart.


The Circle of Petosiris.  Astrology and Numerology combined.

The real basis of the Circle of Petosiris and how to apply it on the Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

How to use it in Astrology, Magic and Numerology.


The 3 divinities that may disclose in the planet Venus.

The 20 possible types of Venus in a chart and their meaning.

The point in a chart where Ishtar enters into the Under-World, the point where she comes out of the Under-World.

Use in Synastry.


The 10 Hermetic Spheres.

The 7 planetary Hermetic Spheres and their correspondences with 7 prophets and the 7 stages in the mystical illumination.   Their correspondence with the 4 stages of Nirvana in the Buddhist tradition.


The Divine Throne in the Sky.

The 'point of God' in the Sky.



All these coming in the 12 video hours of Section II.

Section II may be ordered only by those who have ordered already Section I.







This section will teach you how to evaluate a chart according to the doctrine of the third Hermes.

Step by step and on a lot of example charts with rich video material.


How to detect 'A Fallen Guardian Angel' in a chart and What does this mean?

Video  14


Which Planet was 'The Planet of Luck' for the ancients?

How to judge Whether a Chart is Lucky or Unlucky?

Video 16.


Which were 'The Seven Degrees of Good Luck' according to the Ancients?

In which zodiac should we look for them?  The tropical ot the fixed and which one from all different fixed??

Video 7.


The Seven Types of Fate:

Heroica, Tragedy, Comedy, Tragi-Comedy, Drama, Burlesque and Chaos.

How to detect to which Fate belongs a Chart?

Video 17.


Which are The Stars of Wealth?

Video 10.




The cycle starts with an exercise in three-parts.

The first part presents two charts, very similar, of two women - one happily married with a child and the other problematically divorced and lonely and without any children.

The question is which chart belongs to which woman!

The correct answer is easily deduced only if we knew one simple doctrine of Hermes.


The second part of the exercise shows four horoscopes of four women.  Two of them are happy mothers (and grandmothers) and two either have never had a child or have lost it tragically in very young age!

 Again it is asked which is which!

And again, knowing another quite simple doctrine of Ancient Astrology will allow us easily to tell the charts apart!


The third part presents four charts of men.  Two of them have been or still are in prison.  The other two are successful businesmenn who never had any problems with police or jail.

Which is which?

Again, kjnowledge of one of the main teachings of Hermes can easily reveal us the truth!


The answers to the exercises with discussion are given in the last video hour.



1. The exact degrees of exaltations.  What is their real basis and what are these degrees in our age?

Saturn according to the tradition exalts in 21 Libra, Venus in 27 Pisces....  Why exactly in these degrees and in which degrees do they exalt in our age?

2. Hays.  Theory and Practice.  Day and Night planets.
The 6 Levels of Hays of a planet.

3. The house system used by Hermes. Strong and weak zodiacal images according to Hermes, Valens and Nechepso.  An amazing story reveals to me which one is correct!

4. The doctrine of Hermes of the Moon.  Evaluating its influence.
The correct evaluation of a conjunction between Moon and Saturn may make difference as between hell and paradise!  The same for a conjunction with Mars.  A conjunction Moon-Venus may be the sign for a divine soul, immense wealth and brilliant fame OR uncontrolled lasciviousness and myriad of problems because of this.  How to make the difference?

5.  The ancient doctrine of the Aspects.
The Aspects in Ancient Astrology
The 7 rays projected.  Why only 7.  The 3 ancient criteria for an angle to be an aspect.
The 3 kinds of aspect - in house, term and degree.


15.  Images (zodiacal signs) which see each other and images which hear each other.


6.  The Doryphories according to different ancient authors.

7.  Monomoiria.  The degrees. 
    Kingly, of good Luck, of bad Luck, of the Pit, Crippling degrees - meaning.
    Light, Dark, Shady, Windy and Empty degrees according to Hermes, Abu Mashar, Alcabitius  and Firmicus - their effects on the fate.  In which zodiac are these degrees to be watched?8.  Day and Night images.  Tropical or Fixed?

9.  The 5 ways of Domination of a planet on a degree or section of the zodiac. 
The 5 ways of Domination (of a Planet over section of the Zodiac)
Terms (bounds)
Aspect and Phase

Domination by Aspect and Phase.  An obscure passage in Valens reveals the truth.  

10.  The Stars of Wealth.

11.  Introduction into the Heliacal Phases.  Which planets in which h. phases are Strong and Weak.

Planets in heliacal phase - the 7 heliacal phases.
‘Combust’ planets.
Power and quality of a planet in its heliacal cycle - the 4 heliacal regions.

12.  Evaluating the planets.

Powerful and Weak planets.  Good and Bad.
The 7 criteria to estimate the influence of a planet - in power and in quality.

The best and worst case in a chart of a man and the best and worst case in a chart of a woman.


14.  Hyleg, Alkokoden and Almuten
Their inner Meaning and function in our lives, development and fate.
Determination according to Dorotheus, Ptolemy, Valens, Paulus of Alexandria, Antiochus-Porphyry and Rethorius.
Charts without Alkokoden (‘fallen Gardian Angel’ syndrom) according to Valens and Rethorius.


16.  Evaluating the Chart: Strong or Weak /and/ Good or Evil.

Four types (roughly) of a Chart and of a Fate:  Strong and Good, Strong and Bad , Weak and Good, Weak and Bad.  The difference.  The Events.

18.  Order of evaluation of a Chart.  Practical examples.

How to interpret a chart. 
The most important things to look at. 
Order of importance.


19.  Evaluating Example Charts.











The homeworks and the exams of each Section are mandatory only for those of the enrolled stuidents who would like to have a Diploma in Mesopotamian Astrology.

A student may order the sections without doing the homeworks.

If, however, at a later time, the student would like to have a Diploma, he/she will have to take a comprehensive exam and do certain homework.




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