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Porphyrios Magos - Updates-info PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 06 February 2010

  To all  users  of  the  module  PORPHYRIOS MAGOS

    The algorithm for finding the KURIOS ( ALMUTEN ) in Porphyrios Magos 1.0 (with Placidus 6.0) was built on the Valen's theory for the Cadent signs.  

  According to this theory, 12, 9, 6 and 3 are cadent (and weak).

  So, all planets in these signs (topoi) are automatically discounted and 'forbidden' to run for Kurios IF you keep checked  the checkbox 'Exclude  Cadent' in the ALMUTEN WIZARD Panel (left down on the form)

  Infact, acc. to Hermes (through Antiochus) the 9th is strong sign (topos) and All Planets there SHOULD be able to run for President (Kurios).

  If you see planets in the 9th that also possess some of the kurios-places of Antiochus-Porphyry (asc., moon,  mc, fortuna, syzygy, in h. phase)  then switch off the 'Exclude Cadent' to see IF these planets will become in fact the President (Kurios).

  If they do become Kurios THEN take them for the Kurios.

  This would be the algorithm of Porphyry appllying the Hermes theory for the strong signs in a genesis.

  This will be the first to fix in the nex version of the program:  PORPHYRIOS MAGOS 2.0

  yours  rk

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